Custom Boat Photography

March 22, 2013. Why might you want or need a professional yacht or boat photographer?

Boat PhotographyThere are multiple reasons why you might want professional photography for your vessel. The most common reason is to assist in the process of a sale. We help boat, yacht and ship owners, brokers and manufacturers sell their product(s) through producing quality, professional photography. We also produce images for magazine stories about the vessel, owners, boat electronics and components or the shipyard itself.

Other times, boat photography is just about the memories, special events and time spent with friends and family. It's a special way to commemorate a special occasion or create one.

Regardless of your boat photography needs, we can help you create exactly the image, or images, you're looking for. Additionally, we can deploy our team of three, professional, yacht photographers together as a team when time is of the essence to get the job done quickly and professionally.

If you're getting ready to sell your yacht, consider this: if you look at yacht pictures online, which do you think is going to sell sooner and for a higher price? The vessel with quick snap fuzzy photos created by a cell phone camera? Or clean, crisp, clear photographs that rival the manufacturer's brochures?

Let us help you sell your yacht for the price you deserve!

Boat Lift Sales, Installation, Repair & Cleaning

August 23, 2012. Complete your waterfront with the perfect boat lift or docking solution! Our solutions include Sunstream Lifts, Basta Boat Lifts, Customized Lift Installation, Temporary Lifts (No Permit and Marina Ready), Moveable Lifts, Mini Lifts for Jet Skis, Canoes, and more.

Boat lifts are a great solution for better boat preservation but the lift must remain clean and clear for the mechanisms to work properly. As a result, there are two main points related to boat lift maintenance:

  • Boat Lift Cleaning: Boat lift structures are very tempting for marine growth which can cover the bare metal frame in just a few years. Keeping the boat lift frame clean helps the mechanism to work consistently and properly.
  • Anode and electrolysis monitoring: Keeping a close eye on anode condition and electrolysis is a very good way to prevent the metal frame of the boat lift from corrosion. At O’Ryan Marine, we believe that regular maintenance is the best way to eliminate costly repairs.

We recommend an annual boat lift cleaning schedule will keep your boat lift maintained and extend the life of your lift.

Waterfront Construction & Management

August 17, 2012. We love to build things both on and under the water. From docks to boat lifts and moorings, we are prepared to create a custom solution to meet your needs.

Dock Construction

Compliment your boat lift with a customized dock! O’Ryan Marine offers both Trex and Cedar Materials for Dock Construction, Dock Repair, Dock Resurfacing and more. If you can dream it, we can build it. O'Ryan Marine is your complete resource for waterfront construction services.

Tired of Marine Pests? Weeds? Waterfront Hassles?

Let O'Ryan Marine improve your waterfront and swimming experiences. Services we offer include: Controlling Milfoil, Aquatic Weeds and Seaweed, Spider Retardant, Pest Management, Deterring Aquatic Pests, Dock Cleaning and Pressure Washing. We have environmentally safe products, experience and our own "tricks of the trade" to dramatically improve your enjoyment on the water this season!

Underwater Inspections & More

August 8, 2012. We are equipped with the technology necessary to inspect and document a wide variety of structures including hulls, docks, houseboats, float homes and yachts as well as waterfront homes and businesses. Need documentation for insurance purposes, construction and repair planning, or damage control? We’ve got you covered.

Underwater Inspection Reports

Our highly-detailed inspection process is customized to fit any project, both above and under the water. Our inspection portfolio includes both photography and videography applicable for insurance documentation, construction and repair planning, and damage evaluation. Our documentation will give you the advantage you need to thoroughly evaluate your unique situation from the bottom up!

Propeller Maintenance, Replacement & Repair

August 1, 2012. There are many advantages of underwater boat propeller cleaning, removal, repair and installation. Just think about it! How convenient is it to have your hull cleaning company go in the water, take the propeller off, take it to the shop, picking it up once balanced or repaired, and reinstall it for you. We offer our customers a variety of solutions to meet their individual needs.

How long does it take to complete the labor cycle? Propeller removal may become difficult sometimes, especially when they have not been removed for a long time. After years, the lack of grease can cause the propeller to become tough to remove but generally it shouldn't take more than one hour. Once the propeller is out, we would be happy to deliver it to the shop for you. Once in the shop, it normally takes 5-7 business days for the job to be done and no more than an hour to put it back on. A well organized job (propeller removal, repair and installation) shouldn't take longer than 10 business days.

If you are interested in a quote for underwater boat propeller removal and installation call 425-485-2871 or email to schedule an appointment.

Prepare for Seafair 2012!

July 27, 2012. With one week's notice, O’Ryan Marine’s Ultimate Concierge Services will complete your grocery shopping, schedule catering for large parties and provide laundry services. Tell us what you want and we will meet your needs. It can be as simple as washing the linens and making the beds so they are fresh when you arrive, or going shopping to stock the refrigerator with your favorite foods and ice cold beverages. When you walk on board you can start living and enjoying yourself, instead of preparing first before you relax. Whatever you need, we will be there, at your service.

Having your yacht professionally cleaned both inside and out will help you maintain, protect and enhance the appearance and value of your yacht. Plus, we customize our detailing services to meet your needs, such as regularly scheduled washes and detail combination packages.

Although washing your yacht should be done regularly, washing alone only loosens surface dirt. To safely remove stubborn surface contamination you should have your yacht polished and waxed at the beginning of each yachting season and again during the season to ensure both long lasting protection against the harmful effects of the environment and the beauty of your yacht for years to come.

Our inside cleaning service of your cabin is nothing short of amazing. O’Ryan Marine will absolutely transform your living quarters. We do special requests and “Add On” cleanings above your normal maintenance cleaning.

Understanding Anodes, Electrolysis & Corrosion

July 23,2012. It is a naturally occurring phenomenon that two different connected metals, when immersed in sea water or electrolyte, will develop voltage and current. As a result, the metal that is the most active electrically (in other words, more positive) will deteriorate which protects the metal that is less positive.

When we know that this will occur between two submersed metal parts on a boat, we attach another piece of metal, more positive than the other two, which causes it to deteriorate first. As a result, the erosion of this sacrificial metal essentially protects the more important and expensive metals.

Stray Current Corrosion (commonly called Electrolysis)

Stray current corrosion is similar to galvanic corrosion except that the voltage and current flow is created by an outside electrical source rather than spontaneously in nature. Normally this occurs with much more force than galvanic action and can deteriorate valuable boat metals in a very short period of time.

Mechanical Corrosion

Turbulent water, high velocity water (especially at bends in cooler tubing) and silt laden water will all cause erosion of metals. Erosion can also be caused by drifting or by uneven velocity inside a tube. Propellers, in particular, have several problems because they have large uneven surfaces exposed to tidal currents, which causes temperature and electrical differences on different areas of the surface. Also, differences in voltage due to the different speeds between the hub and blades causes problems as well.

In addition to bonding, using shaft straps and balancing the shaft and propellers, using an anode system will normally keep propeller erosion to a minimum by evenly distributing the voltage out over the propeller's entire surface.

Professional Hull Cleaning

July 11, 2012. We provide the highest possible level of hull cleaning by utilizing only Certified Professional Divers that utilize a balanced blend of hard work and efficiency to preserve your bottom paint and prevent blisters.

Hull Cleaning Evaluation

Our process begins with a detailed evaluation of the hull's specific characteristics and all of the metal parts involved in order to select the right cleaning materials.

Hull Cleaning Practice

We clean from the waterline to the very bottom of the boat including the hull, keel, rudders, stabilizers, thrusters, thru-hulls, intakes, depth sounder transducers, speedo wheels, struts, shafts, propellers, trim tabs, out drives and swim step brackets.

General Inspection Report

After each cleaning our diver completes a thorough Cleaning Inspection Report, which is left onboard the vessel to inform you about the bottom condition, blistering anti-fouling effectiveness, areas lacking in paint coverage or condition of the fiberglass, signs of rust and/or electrolysis, anode condition with suggested time of replacement as well as a list of any damage or abnormalities, if applicable.

Optional Detailed Inspection Reports with Still Photography or Videography

O’Ryan Marine can also create a Detailed Inspection Report, with contains more information than the general Cleaning Inspection Report, which may be necessary for insurance or financing purposes. In addition we can email a copy of these reports to your insurance company, upon request, and/or to the owner for their own records.

Contact us today for your Hull Cleaning appointment.

Concierge Services: Focus on Fun!

July 9, 2012. Boating is a lot of fun, but sometimes the preparation is a lot of work! Let us take the work out of your summer recreation so you can focus on enjoying time with friends and family.

With only one week's notice, O’Ryan Marine’s Ultimate Concierge Services will do your grocery shopping, schedule catering for parties and provide laundry services. Tell us what you want and we will meet your needs. It can be as simple as washing the linens and making the beds so they are fresh when you arrive, or going shopping to stock the refrigerator with your favorite foods and ice cold beverages.

When you walk on board you can immediately begin to relax and enjoy your boat! Whatever you need, we will be there - at your service.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Detailing & Washing: Get Ready for Summer!

July 6, 2012. Have your boat looking and performing at it's best with O'Ryan Marine's Signature Boat Cleaning & Detailing Services!

Detailing your boat is as much about looking good as it is about maintenance and preventing irreversible damage or fading to the gel-coat. Keep your boat in ship-shape condition and impress your guests. We put exceptional detail into each cleaning to ensure your absolute satisfaction. Plus, our company protects your investment better than any other boat detailing company in the area.

Our knowledge, expertise and attention to detail are superior in the industry. We know all the secrets to what will work the best on each application and use only top of the line, state-of-the-art products for each and every application. We deliver quality work on time, every time. Our staff is professional, dressed in the proper attire and fully trained in quality control.

Competitive Prices:

In today's economic times everyone wants to get the best deal possible. However, when it comes to boat detailing, the old adage "you get what you pay for" has never been truer. Our pricing may not be the cheapest but our fair pricing is an exceptional value when you see the quality and thoroughness of our work. With O’Ryan Marine Boat Detailing you can always see, feel and smell the difference.


Having your boat professionally cleaned both inside and out will help you maintain, protect and enhance the appearance and value of your boat. Polishing and waxing your boat at least twice a year, provides long lasting protection against the harmful effects of the environment.

We customize our detailing services to meet your needs, such as packages that include regularly scheduled washes and detailing. Washing your boat only loosens surface dirt and needs to be done regularly. To safely remove stubborn surface contamination you should have your boat polished and waxed at the beginning of each boating season and again during the end of the season to ensure the beauty of your boat for years to come.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

We guarantee all detail and cleaning service work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you're unhappy with any area we've detailed or cleaned, just call within 24 hours and we'll come back and re-clean it at no additional charge.

Contact us today to schedule your next detailing appointment.

Lift Placement & Height

June 25, 2012. Have you noticed that this spring the local lakes have higher water levels than usual? Higher water levels can cause your boat to be less secure when on the lift.

With the drastic change in the lake water level, it is important to check your boat and lift often. If you are out of town, or do not have time, schedule a regular standing appointment with O’Ryan Marine to check on your lift and the security of your boat.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Underwater Hull Cleaning Services

May 25, 2012. Did you know that O'Ryan Marine has diving services available to keep your boat clean while it's in the water?

Boats that are kept in the water are constantly exposed to marine life, plants and algae that attach themselves to the boat hull and begin to grow. As this happens, the engine has to work harder, thereby burning more fuel and taxing both the engine and the propeller. If the problem goes untreated, it can even affect instrument readings.

Most boats are specially coated with paint that deters underwater growth of marine life. However, the effectiveness of this paint can vary based on hull displacement, mooring location, frequency of use, how fast they run and where boaters go on their excursions. Regular underwater boat hull cleaning is the most efficient way to keep hull equipment free of debris and in top shape.

It's also good to know that during the warmer months, algae and slime accumulate even more quickly, adversely affecting your boat's performance. As a result, underwater boat hull cleaning should be done more frequently in the summer months, whereas once or twice over the winter might be sufficient, depending on the amount of build-up that accumulates.

Our professional divers take underwater hull cleaning seriously and perform hull services ranging from basic cleaning and scrubbing of the outer surface of the boat, to using special power washing equipment for debris removal.

We thoroughly inspect and scrape all of the boat's running gear including the propellers, shafts, struts and rudders. We perform boat hull cleaning as needed and also verify when the zinc anodes will need replacement. Additionally, we provide our customers with reports on any visual damage or any other issues observed during the service.

Contact us today to schedule your underwater boat hull inspection and cleaning.

Spending Too Much on Yacht Management?

May 1, 2012. Are you overspending, or worse misspending, on yacht maintenance and yacht management?

Receive a Complimentary O'Ryan Marine Yacht Review of your yacht's condition report, repair recommendation or recent maintenance invoice.

We will review and report the following:

  • Is the recommended maintenance or repair necessary and appropriate?
  • Have any necessary services or repairs been overlooked?
  • Do hourly estimates and invoices reflect practical, real time values?
  • Is your yacht benefiting from the services you've purchased?
  • Are there maintenance alternatives to consider?
  • Is your boat's resale value being taken into consideration?

Exceptional Yacht Management Service Alternative

O'Ryan Marine's premier yacht management services can make your total yacht experience simple, trouble free and even enjoyable! Give us the opportunity to show you how, as your advocate, we can achieve the most efficient allocation of your operation budget to ensure appropriate maintenence, on an schedule appropriate to your needs, at an appropriate cost.

To take advantage of this complimentary service offer, call us at 425.485.2871.

Boating in Washington, Spring 2012

April 1, 2012. Spring is here! Schedule your di-winterization now so you'll be ready to take advantage of each beautiful day! Check out our de-winterization and referral specials.

Weathering Winter Storms

October 1, 2011. Fall is here again which means winter storms are right around the corner. If you choose to not store your boat for the winter, Washington storm damage can take a toll on your boat. When that happens, O'Ryan Marine is your one stop shop for all of your boat repairs including fiberglass repair and painting to get your boat looking like new. We'll even work with your insurance company and get you back into boating condition in no time. If you prefer to protect your boat from the elements, talk to us about our shrink wrapping, winterizing and storage services.

Save Thousands with Cracked Engine Block Repair

September 1, 2011. Did you know you can save thousands by repairing a cracked engine block as opposed to complete engine replacement? If your engine block becomes cracked, most repair shops will advise you to purchase a new engine to the tune of $7,000 - $10,000. At O'Ryan Marine we can repair your cracked engine block for only $500! We can also repair cracked heaters as well. So, if you're looking to save yourself a bundle, have us repair your cracked engine block. If you decide on complete engine replacement, we can do that too. We use only certified mechanics for all engine repairs and replacments.

Save Yourself a Boatload of Hassle

July 1, 2011. New state law requires that boat operators, age 35 and younger, complete a Boater's Education Course and carry a certificate of completion when operating a boat with 15 horsepower or more. Without the certificate, you could be fined $86 and be required to return to shore immediately. There are several options for obtaining the Boater's Certificate. Click here for more details.

Minimum Boating & Safety Equipment Requirements

June 20, 2011. Did you know that most motor-powered boats do not meet the minimum boating safety equipment requirements? Failing to meet these requirements can result in substantial fines, not to mention put a damper on your boating plans. Click here for a list of requirements and to make sure you're protected. Contact us if you need assistance getting up to code and protecting your family and friends.

Trip Readiness Program

June 15, 2011. Announcing the New "Trip Readiness Program" from O'Ryan Marine! With a minimum of four days notice, we will personally stock, inspect and prepare your boat for your next extended cruise or day trip! It will be guest-ready for you to assure you a fun-packed outing. Contact us for more details.

Boat-Ready-To-Go Program

May 15, 2011. Nothing's worse than deciding on a boat trip at the last minute only to find your vessel in embarassingly less than tip-top shape. With the O'Ryan Marine's Boat-Ready To Go Program, you'll never worry again. Out of town guests arriving unannounced is no problem because we'll maintain a scheduled cleaning and maintenance service to keep you cruise ready at the drop of a hat. Contact us for a personalized quote to fit your needs.

Finding the Best Boat Deal

April 15, 2011. Ready for your next boat or want to get rid of your existing one? Contact us about O'Ryan Marine's Yacht Sales and Consignment Services. We can save you time and hassle, plus ensure that the boat of your dreams is in perfect condition for a summer of fun.

Experience Our Commitment to Excellence!