Seattle Sunstream V-Lift™

Sunstream's revolutionary V-Lift™ is the world's most consumer and marina friendly high-speed, portable, free-floating air displacement boat lift.

The latest addition to Sunstream's range of innovative high-speed boat lifts, the revolutionary V-Lift is designed to be the next generation of air-displacement boat lifts and greatly expand the use of lifts by offering a more practical, leak resistant, higher performance and more affordable solution for most sport, ski, pontoon and fishing boats.

Sunstream V-Lift™ Features

  • Operate in as little as 3 feet of water
  • Fits into a 10-foot wide slip
  • Can be side tied
  • Long-term Durability: Corrosion-proof Polyethylene Construction
  • Compact, Marina friendly styling
  • Can be expanded to accommodate 7,000 - 11,000 pound vessels
  • Hose free construction
  • Dock-side powerpack not required
  • Unparalleled portability


This innovative boat lift is available now. For more information, contact O'Ryan Marine, an Authorized Sunstream dealer and installation specialist.

Sunstream VLift™ Details

Complementing Sunstream's signature dock-with-ease design, the new Sunstream lift provides automatic centering and secure drive-on support to simplify the air-displacement lift user experience.

The V-Lift's level lifting and launching does not require securing the boat to the lift. The V-Lift also provides the highest level of security and peace of mind with four independent air tanks, and a Tank Monitoring System (TMS) that automatically fills the air tanks if a leak is detected.

The V-Lift makes boat lifts practical for for most boaters due to its portability, versatility, performance, durability and price. The remote control and high-speed operation also make it the most fun and convenient air-displacement lift on the market.

Sunstream V-Lift™ Video

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