Seattle Boating FAQ's

I'd like to charter a large yacht to see if I enjoy the "big boat" experience. Where do I start?

O'Ryan Marine has an extensive network of yacht and charter brokers who specialize in exactly this type of yachting. Many of our customers charter large yachts in order to test different brands and styles before making a commitment to purchase one. Contact us to arrange the charter opportunities you require.

How Much Are Your Services?

Every boat and project is different. O'Ryan Marine custom tailors our fees to each client and boat to ensure that you get the best value for your needs. Our rates are based on the size and location of your vessel, the complexity of your project and the services you require. Where to begin? Give us a call at 425.485.2871!

My boat yard seems to do a good enough job. What value will you add?

Traditional boat yards are under a lot of pressure to do more with less, and that can lead to overworked personnel. We are a family owned and operated business and we make sure that every single detail is addressed to ensure that you receive exactly what you pay for.

Moreover, our 30 years of experience in the marine industry enables us to know how long each job should take, allowing us to quote more effectively. Additionally, we provide the best terms possible for our Yacht Management clients.

When O'Ryan Marine manages your boat or yacht, you can be confident that you will receive the exact care your vessel requires, at the price you negotiated, on the schedule that meets your needs.

Click here to see more about our Seattle Yacht Management Services.

How much of a deposit do I have to put down prior to starting job?

O'Ryan Marine requires a 50% deposit up front, and all special-order parts paid for in full, prior to starting the project. The remaining balance will be due when the work is completed. If the boat is not picked up from our location within a reasonable time after completion (unless prior arrangements are made) then there will be storage charges added to the repair charge.

Does O'Ryan Marine do fiberglass repair in the water or at my dock?

No. There are several reasons why we choose to not complete fiberglass repairs in, or near, the water:

  • Fiberglass & spray dust can get into the water and harm the surrounding environment. O’Ryan Marine goes to extensive efforts to protect the environment.
  • Fiberglass dust can land on a neighboring boat and cause problems later on.
  • Movement from the water can make it difficult to get the lines straight or to even get a good color match. The trick to getting good color matches is to have the spray gun set at a certain distance from the boat. Any boat movement makes that very difficult to achieve.

Are you able to match the color on my boat?

Yes we can. If we can't get the perfect match, we won't take the job.

Can you use the factory Gel-Coat I have?

If you were given the gel-coat when you purchased your boat then most likely it's no longer any good. Gel-coat is only good for about six months before the molecular structure breaks down. It may look good in the container but, after being sprayed on your boat, you'll see how the sun breaks it down a lot faster then if it was fresh gel-coat.

Additionally, if you get the fresh gel-coat from the factory it will not match your boat. As soon as your boat leaves the factory, ultra violet rays from the sun begin to change the color of your boat. This becomes obvious if you've ever seen side strips begin to peel away from the boat - the color underneath the strips is brighter than the rest of the boat because it has been protected from the sun.

As a result, when we apply gel-coat, we mix up the colors from scratch in order to get the truest match.

What should I do if my boat is involved in a boat accident?

First things first, make sure everyone onboard is okay and that your vessel is not in danger of sinking or catching on fire. Once you're certain that everyone is safe, proceed with the following steps:

  1. If other boats and/or individuals were involved, obtain the names, phone numbers and email addresses of any passengers involved, as well as any witnesses available.
  2. Call O’Ryan Marine, at 425-485-2871, for an emergency tow. We can also bring a rental trailer to the nearest launch and offer emergency, on-water services.
  3. Bring your boat into O’Ryan Marine for detailed photos and an estimate.
  4. Call your insurance company to get the process started and open a claim.

For more information about boating accidents and insurance-related questions, check out our Boat Accident Information page for more information.

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