Seattle Sunstream SunLift™

The Sunstream SunLift™ is the leading free-standing hydraulic boat lift worldwide and is credited for converting the industry from cables to hydraulics.

It is known for it's exceptional ease of use, industry-leading warranty and durability.

Sunstream SunLift™ Features

  • Only lift with 3-year Hydraulic Warranty
  • Stainless Steel Shaft
  • Environmentally-friendly, water-soluble hydraulic fluid
  • Easy to use
  • Durable & Reliable
  • For use in fresh & salt water
  • Industry Leading Warranty
  • Marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel construction

How to Proceed?

For more information, contact O'Ryan Marine, an Authorized Sunstream dealer and installation specialist.

Sunstream SunLift™ Details

Ease of Use

Operating the quiet, high-speed hydraulics with the remote control from the helm of the boat provides ultimate convenience and safety. Lifts in seconds instead of minutes.

Durability & Reliability

Only Sunstream offers lifts designed for fresh and salt water, with the best warranty on both frame and hydraulics. Sunstream's patented Superbunks; eliminates wood and carpet and provides superior long-lasting support. Sunstream also is the only company using stainless rams and scrapers on hydraulics. All marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel construction.

Best Looking Lift

The SunLift™ is hidden under your boat, which proudly displays your boat on a pedestal. Rubber Superbunks prevent mold, and does not wear or retain grit like carpet.

Sunstream SunLift™ Video

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