Seattle Sunstream Mini & DockJock™

The DockJock is a dock mounted track lift for small craft, such as PWC's, canoes and dinghies.

The lift hides discreetly underneath the craft thus increasing the visual appeal of your waterfront.

Sunstream DockJock™ Features

  • Attractive, Covert Design
  • Fully Automatic Lifting
  • Track Length Options: 4' or 6' of Lift
  • Wider Craft Arm Extension
  • Winch Cover

How to Proceed?

For more information, contact O'Ryan Marine, an Authorized Sunstream dealer and installation specialist.

Sunstream DockJock™ Details

Attractive Design

The low-profile design is attractive and practical for your dock, while making it easier to board your craft without structure over the dock.

Ease of Use

In addition to appealing design, the lift features fully automatic lifting using AC or DC power and the controls are conveniently located on the winch. Unlike other systems, the DockJock uses a nylon lifting strap to avoid problems with cables.

Product Options

The DockJock™ has two choices for track length providing for 4' or 6' of lifting range. Accessories include an arm extension for wider craft, a rear diagonal for easier installation, and a cover for the winch. The AC version has an optional pendant controller on a 6' cord.

Sunstream DockJock™ Video

Content courtesy of Sunstream™

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